2 Best Remedies for Winkle Remover on Face

Age Spots Removing Tips

Best Remedies for Winkle Remover on Face

Glowing, free and wrinkles free skin is everyone dreams. In Pakistan 80% people use heavy water or bore-water which results to dull and leave age spots on skin. It makes person look older before the age. If you are also facing such problem and want to get healthy and wrinkles free skin then you to need use Vaseline and coffee mask. Wonderful cheap remedies for wrinkle remover.


Remove wrinkles with vaseline

Wash your face before going to bed and apply Vaseline on wet face, under eyes and lips. Wash face in the morning just as you wash in routine. After a few days, you will clearly feel a soft and glowing skin.

Coffee Mask

Coffee Mask in Urdu

Mix together 1 tablespoon ground coffee with a little milk to make a smooth paste. Apply this coffee mask all over your face avoiding area around eyes. Leave it for 15-20 minutes then was with lukewarm water.

Elements in coffee will make your skin looks young, create balance in blood circulation and make complexion healthier.

Wrinkle Removing Tips in Urdu

chehre ki jhuriyan khatam karne ka tarika