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Fish is the healthiest protein on the earth. Thanks to Omega-3s in fish that reduces heart disease, risk of strokes and contribute to brain health. There are many ways in which you can cook the fish. You can fry, grill, bake and steam the fish. You can also make curry, kabab or many other things with […]Get Recipe
How to Get Rid of Fishy Smell in Fish Before Cooking Fish is an essential food source that is high in nutritional values. No matter how fresh the fish is, it has a particular fishy odor that you want to remove before cooking. These are some authentic tips to get rid of fishy smell and get […]Get Recipe
Going to or hosting a baby shower or a birthday party? There are many cupcakes recipes for you too choice but we know you are looking for the best and Moist Chocolate Cupcake Recipe. A recipe that does not waste your time and you get a perfect result. Too delicious to resist. You can also make Chocolate […]Get Recipe
Pomegranate Juice Health Benefits Pomegranate is packed with health benefits. For many millennia, pomegranate was used in the East for medicinal purposes. Pomegranate juice contains many healthy substances like Gallic acids, antioxidants such as ellagic and anthocyanin acids & flavonoids such as quercetin. These substances protect the body against many diseases, whilst Get Recipe
Everyone in this world wants to look slim and smart. That’s why how to lose weight is the big question. We can see, now a day’s Obesity is a big issue. We all aware that without having a proper diet and without any physical activities, this is not possible to shed it down. If you […]Get Recipe
Moyo Fried Chicken is a different kind of recipe in which chicken cut in pocket style then stuff with mayonnaise. Marinade chicken give an outstanding taste with mayonnaise. A must try recipe from Chef Zakir. Moyo Fried Chicken Recipe by Chef Zakir   Ingredients 2 chicken breast 2 tbsp ginger, garlic paste 5 eggs Salt […]Get Recipe
Caramel Hot Chocolate is a delicious drink and great in winter season. A cup of hot chocolate and walk in foggy night is just amazing.  Homemade Caramel Hot Chocolate is a quick recipe and it will not take more then 2 minutes in preparation. The taste of caramel sauce gives it a superb taste that no […]Get Recipe