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  This is very Easy Homemade Condensed Milk Recipe by Zarnak Sidhwa. As, it does not require any cooking and you just need to blend it nicely so there are no lumps in Condensed Milk. The end result absolutely like the store-bought milk. This is a tried and tested recipe by Sana Imran. By following this recipe you […]Get Recipe
  First time I had eaten Italian Chicken Sandwich at Pizza Hut, the taste was delicious, but that was not spicy. I baked it according to my taste and amazingly there was no problem to bake a soft sandwich. So simple and easy, I used chicken, capsicum, onion and pizza sauce in filling. This is perfect […]Get Recipe
Popularly soups can be divided into two groups: CLEAR and THICK soup. Clear soups are generally more healthy as they have the least amount of calories while thick soups usually contain a lot of starch, sometimes cream, and other high carbohydrate ingredients. Personally I am a big fan of Clear Soups. This chicken and vegetable […]Get Recipe
Cumin is a popular spice and uses in Asian and Latin American dishes. It creates a delicate aroma in food. It is also superb for health. Cumin is great to detox your body naturally and burn fats. My purpose for writing this article is basically to share how I lose 5 kg weight in a […]Get Recipe
Anda Chana is a popular dish in Lahore that is mostly taken in breakfast with hot naan. People mostly eat it from resturant because they think the same taste and texture will not come at home. Well, this is wrong perception. When you have an authentic recipe then this is not difficult at all. Anda […]Get Recipe
  Easy Cake Recipes for Beginners Cake plays an important role in every celebration; these are one of the foremost items which we serve. The word cake brings an image of celebration in mind. Birthdays, wedding days, wedding anniversaries, Eid, religious festivals and New Year is incomplete without cake. You can buy a cake from […]Get Recipe
Hot Dry Fruit Milk Recipe is very filling. You can drink it in breakfast. It also goes great in winter before sleep. Touch of coffee and dry fruits make it super delicious and healthy. You might love these hot beverages as well:  Frothy Coffee Recipe, Hot Caramel Coffee, Ginger Tea and for desi touch check out Hot […]Get Recipe