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Naan is a plain flat bread that is served in breakfast, lunch and dinner with a curry. Whereas Cheese Naan is stuffed with cheese. People love to eat this naan bread. Though this is expensive as compared to other naan, but it has a tremendous cheesy taste. First time I have it at Bundu Khan […]Get Recipe
Crispy Chicken Roll Paratha Recipe with Mayo Garlic Dip. Roll paratha is delicious version of meal. Coated chicken has a crispy outer layer, whereas tender and juicy from inside. Rolled in flat bread (paratha) and dash of mayo dip gives it a scrumptious taste. Paratha Roll is my favorite meal but if eat it out, […]Get Recipe
Winter is here and all we need something hot to warm the body or beat the cold of weather. This is winter special chicken broth that has wonderful effects to the body. It does not only warm your body, but also quite healthy because calories in chicken stock are low. The broth is made with […]Get Recipe
Fish is rich in protein and low in fats. It is loaded with health benefits. Fish is a super food for all ages people. There are so many fish recipes that you can add in your daily diet. This is an easy Fish Chilli Dry Recipe. You need only fish, onion, green chilies and seasoning […]Get Recipe
Want to give your coffee recipes a fresh twist? Try adding cream in this easy Coffee Recipe for a quick and tasty update.  In my family everyone love this flavorsome Hot Coffee Recipe. A perfect treat for cold winter days. How to Make Creamy Hot Coffee Creamy Hot Coffee Recipe   Prep time 2 mins Cook […]Get Recipe
Enjoy the pure bliss of Hyderabadi Dum Biryani by following this recipe. You need to marinade the chicken for a delicious taste. The rice are boiled then layers are done by following chicken, rice and vegetables. Colorful biryani has a marvelous taste. Serve it with raita. For more delicious recipes check Best Biryani Recipes Learn […]Get Recipe
This recipe is a twist in Chicken Boneless Handi with flavor of tikka. In Handi Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe, you first need to bake the chicken then cook a little in prepared gravy. Distinct flavor of Easy Chicken Tikka Masala is engaged to be family favorite. Easy Tikka Masala Recipe Handi Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe […]Get Recipe