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Cumin is a popular spice and uses in Asian and Latin American dishes. It creates a delicate aroma in food. It is also superb for health. Cumin is great to detox your body naturally and burn fats. My purpose for writing this article is basically to share how I lose 5 kg weight in a […]Get Recipe
  Easy Cake Recipes for Beginners Cake plays an important role in every celebration; these are one of the foremost items which we serve. The word cake brings an image of celebration in mind. Birthdays, wedding days, wedding anniversaries, Eid, religious festivals and New Year is incomplete without cake. You can buy a cake from […]Get Recipe
Pomegranate Juice Health Benefits Pomegranate is packed with health benefits. For many millennia, pomegranate was used in the East for medicinal purposes. Pomegranate juice contains many healthy substances like Gallic acids, antioxidants such as ellagic and anthocyanin acids & flavonoids such as quercetin. These substances protect the body against many diseases, whilst Get Recipe
Everyone in this world wants to look slim and smart. That’s why how to lose weight is the big question. We can see, now a day’s Obesity is a big issue. We all aware that without having a proper diet and without any physical activities, this is not possible to shed it down. If you […]Get Recipe
  Have your child eat his school lunch happily or distribute in friends? If so, you will have to change your kids lunch box menu. Certainly, you want to give your child light, digestive, colorful and flavorful food at lunch. So that the child eats happily, his belly should be filled, he found nutrients and […]Get Recipe
Special Bakra Eid Recipes Eid ul Edha is a religious festival of Muslims which is celebrated every year all over the world. This is also called Bakra Eid as the scarifies of animal is done at this Eid. Special meety dishes are made at this occasion to feed the family and guests. We have collected here […]Get Recipe
Tricks to Make Perfect Gulab Jamun at Home I got many queries on my facebook page about making perfect gulab jamun. People often confuse when their → gulab jamun turns to hard → got cracks in oil → or break in oil So I decided to come up with the solution of these queries. Therefore, people can enjoy […]Get Recipe