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How do Cooking Ingredients Measurement Conversion We found recipes in different measurements and sometimes its difficult to understand how much it is in grams, tablespoon or cups etc. This article includes Cooking Ingredients Measurement and weights of different ingredients. Now you can easily convert weight to measure and make a perfect recipe. Liquid Measurement¬† 1 […]Get Recipe
  Here is one another easy method for making coconut milk. Now you can make coconut milk more easily either you have fresh coconut or dried coconut. Previously I shared How to Make Coconut Milk with Fresh Coconut. In this recipe you will learn how you can make coconut milk with dried coconut. You can […]Get Recipe
Coconut milk uses in smoothies, desserts and savory recipes like curry or broths. Making coconut milk at home is easy then you might think and also low cost. Here I am discussing two methods of making coconut milk. One is listed here and other is How to Make Coconut Milk with Dried Coconut Homemade Coconut […]Get Recipe