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Chicken Jalfrezi is a popular dish made with chicken; diced capsicum, onion is used in it to give it a flavorsome taste. This recipe is about Chicken Jalfrezi Kabab. This is an appetizing recipe by Chef Mehboob. Chicken Jalfrezi Kabab by Chef Mehboob Chicken Jalferzi Kabab   Prep time 1 hour Cook time 20 mins Total […]Get Recipe
Winters are here and it means Fish season is back. This delicious Lahori Tawa Machli will tingle your taste buds because it is jam-packed with spices and flavours which will get you many compliments. Related Post: Easy Chef Mehboob Recipes Lahori Tawa Fried Fish Lahori tawa machli   Author: Chef Mehboob Ingredients Fish Boneless ½ kg […]Get Recipe
Don’t you just want your child to prefer your crispy chicken tenders over that of KFC? Then this recipe is for you. Thus chicken tenders recipe are surely finger licking good and extremely easy to make. Related Post: Tender Pops Crispy Chicken Tenders Recipe by Chef Mehboob Crispy Chicken Tenders   Prep time 10 mins […]Get Recipe
Fish is the healthiest protein on the earth. Thanks to Omega-3s in fish that reduces heart disease, risk of strokes and contribute to brain health. There are many ways in which you can cook the fish. You can fry, grill, bake and steam the fish. You can also make curry, kabab or many other things with […]Get Recipe
Nihari is a traditional Pakistani food recipe. A thick gravy dish which people love to eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tempering with pure ghee and serving with lemon, green chilies, ginger make it more mouth watering. Serve with hot naan or hamiri roti. A must try Beef Nihari Recipe by Chef Mehboob Khan. Also See: Chef Mehboob […]Get Recipe
One more Recipe for Hot and Sour Soup with a wonderful taste. I personally like to serve hot and sour soup in glass bowl because it looks impressive in it. In this recipe Chef Mehboob Khan used lemon juice instead of white vinegar. So you have option to use lemon juice or vinegar. Hot and Sour […]Get Recipe