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This is very Easy Homemade Condensed Milk Recipe by Zarnak Sidhwa. As, it does not require any cooking and you just need to blend it nicely so there are no lumps in Condensed Milk. The end result absolutely like the store-bought milk. This is a tried and tested recipe by Sana Imran. By following this recipe you will […]Get Recipe
If you love caramel this smoothie will go a treat for you. Chocolate Caramel Smoothie is quick to prepare with a refreshing flavor. Chocolate Caramel Smoothie Chocolate Caramel Smoothie   Prep time 2 mins Total time 2 mins   Author: Chef Zarnak Sidhwa Serves: 2 Ingredients Milk 1 cup Ice Cubes ½ cup Vanilla Essence 1 […]Get Recipe
Pulled Chicken Burger is a different kind of burger in which very tender shredded chicken is used. As it is a different than other burgers so its taste is also distinct. Must try your family will love this twist. Pulled Chicken Burger Recipe by Zarnak Pulled Chicken Burger   Prep time 12 mins Cook time […]Get Recipe
Cheese Puffs are a superb tea time snack. The main ingredients are  egg, milk, all purpose flour and cheese. Batter will prepare in just 5 minutes and bake in 10 minutes. Must try this simple cheese puffs recipe. Also Check: Chicken Fajita Rolls, Baked Dahi Baray Cheese Puffs Recipe by Zarnak Sidhwa Cheese Puffs   Prep time […]Get Recipe
In this recipe of Chef Zarnak Sidhwa Chicken Pepper Steak is served with sauce and steamed vegetables. If you like to prefer beef steak then go to these recipes Beef Steak with Sauce  American Steak Chicken Pepper Steak Ingredients Chicken breasts 2 Crushed garlic 1 tsp Chili sauce 2 tbsp Soya sauce 2 tbsp Worcestershire […]Get Recipe
I personally love the hot and spicy taste of piri piri sauce. I use this mild flavored sauce in different recipes to get an amazing taste. Follow peri peri sauce recipe by Chef Zarnak Sidhwa to make it at home. Peri Peri Sauce Recipe in English Peri Peri Sauce پیری پیری ساس   Author: Chef […]Get Recipe
Fish is healthy to eat and best to eat in winter season. In this recipe a batter for fish is made for marinade then go to fish fry. Follow this recipe and make superb Spicy Fish Cubes. You can serve them as side dish and also in evening tea. Also See: Finger Fish Recipe Spicy Fish […]Get Recipe