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Tandoori Spices Mix gives an awesome taste to dishes. It would be simply irresistible if fresh ingredients are used to make tandoori spice mix. Look on below recipe and know how you can make Tandoori Masala Powder at home. It stays fresh for 4-6 weeks. Authentic Tandoori Masala Powder Recipe Authentic Tandoori Masala Powder (Tandoori […]Get Recipe
Nihari is a traditional Pakistani food recipe. A thick gravy dish which people love to eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tempering with pure ghee and serving with lemon, green chilies, ginger make it more mouth watering. Serve with hot naan or hamiri roti. A must try Beef Nihari Recipe by Chef Mehboob Khan. Also See: Chef Mehboob […]Get Recipe
One more Recipe for Hot and Sour Soup with a wonderful taste. I personally like to serve hot and sour soup in glass bowl because it looks impressive in it. In this recipe Chef Mehboob Khan used lemon juice instead of white vinegar. So you have option to use lemon juice or vinegar. Hot and Sour […]Get Recipe
  Winter is incomplete without eating Halwa’s. Do you want to try some Halwa that can be made easily without collecting ingredients from grocery store. Try this Egg Halwa. This is one of the must try Pakistani Food Recipe in winter. Egg Halwa Recipe How to Make Anday Ka Halwa   Prep time 5 mins Cook […]Get Recipe
Ketchup widely uses in our routine days with junk foods and other fried food. Many people wonder How to Make Tomato Ketchup at Home! Yes you can prepare it at home easily, just need right ingredients and directions. Chef Shareen Anwar made it in her program. After following her Easy Homemade Tomato Ketchup Recipe, I found it […]Get Recipe
Doodh Darbari is a hot energetic drink made with healthy ingredients like milk, khoya and nuts. This full of nutrition milk is best for growing children to fulfill their body requirements. You can drink Doodh Barbari in breakfast for great start of the day. Enjoy recipe by Chef Gulzar Hussain.  Quick Doodh Darbari Recipe Doodh […]Get Recipe
Mocha Milkshake Recipe is a delicious cool drink for chocolate lovers and Rida Aftab is sharing with her fans. It is recommended to use vanilla ice cream, coffee or chocolate flavor in Mocha Milkshake for more wonderful taste. Presenting this milkshake will boost your party. Mocha Milkshake Recipe Mocha Milkshake   Prep time 5 mins Total […]Get Recipe