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  For some people it is hard to get taste of rice like we eat at some occasion made in Deg, but Chef Zubaeda Tariq is giving you a delicious and authentic recipe of Degi Yakhni Pulao which you can make without any fear to treat your family. It is best to serve with raita. […]Get Recipe
Looking for a Poori Paratha Recipe for a perfect breakfast or lunch? You reach on right place, we have a crispy Puri Paratha for you which is made by Chef Zubaeda Tariq. It has perfect serving with Aloo Chana Bhujia, tikka and kebab. You can also use this Poori Paratha to make Roll Paratha. Poori Paratha […]Get Recipe
In live program I watched chef Shireen Anwar making Khameeri Poori, in a quick time I note down recipe and next day I made it. I was very happy because Puri prepared crispy and excellent in taste. Once before I tried a poori recipe, but that’s taste does not satisfy me. I serve Puri with […]Get Recipe
In this recipe chicken infuse the taste from yogurt and whole red chilies. A different taste recipe for the whole family. Chicken Yogurt Curry has a wonderful taste with naan, roti or paratha. For rice lover can entertain it with rice as well. It never goes wrong with plain rice. Chicken Yogurt Curry Chicken Yogurt […]Get Recipe
This homemade Frosted Brownies Recipe is a great alternative to the traditional brownie. It’s more like cake and is topped with chocolaty butter frosting. These frosty squares travel well to picnics and kid’s party. Moist, decadent and dreamy Frosted Brownies Recipe by Zarnak Sidhwa. After making brownies you can use it for making delicious Brownie Chocolate Get Recipe
If you don’t ever made Zarda, try out this Easy Zarda Recipe. I was also afraid to made Zarda before watching this recipe by Zubaida Tariq. I found it easy and try it. I was too surprised with an amazing result. Remember do not cook rice fully because they have to cook in milk too. […]Get Recipe
  You May ate many times Szechuan Beef Stir Fry, but this recipe has its own unique taste and texture that has quality to impress others. A perfect side dish to ready in 30 minutes; as a main course it goes well with pasta, noodles and boiled rice. Enjoy a delicious recipe by Zubaida Tariq. […]Get Recipe