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  You May ate many times Szechuan Beef Stir Fry, but this recipe has its own unique taste and texture that has quality to impress others. A perfect side dish to ready in 30 minutes; as a main course it goes well with pasta, noodles and boiled rice. Enjoy a delicious recipe by Zubaida Tariq. […]Get Recipe
Homemade ingredients give these Tandoori Seekh Kabab a boost of flavor that you can’t get even with packet masala. If you have a BBQ grill then go for it or even after pan frying you can give these kebab a BBQ  aroma by smoke of a coal. Enjoy a great recipe by Chef Shireen Anwar […]Get Recipe
When I saw Steam Kabab Recipe in Chef Zakir Program, I observed it would be nice in taste. So the next day I make these kebabs and serve to my family in afternoon tea. Everyone like the taste and appreciated. Steam Kebabs give a very exotic flavor with tamarind sauce. Steam Kabab Recipe How to […]Get Recipe
  Namkeen Mandi Karhai is a famous food of Peshawar, basically it prepares with beef, but according to your taste you can make it with chicken or mutton.  This is also called Peshawari Namkeen Gosht. Let make this taste in your kitchen by Chef Gulzar Hussain recipe. You can serve it as a side dish too […]Get Recipe
Baked Drumsticks Recipe Made by Zarnak Sidhwa! The combination of flavors, straight from the Pakistani cuisine, helps transform humble chicken drumsticks into a special feast. The chicken is not too spicy so the kids will love it too. Perfect for packed lunches, picnics and parties, your kids will devour these delicious drumsticks. Baked Drumsticks Recipe […]Get Recipe
Zarnak Sidhwa find solution for all those who are worried about empty jar of Chicken Spread within days. Don’t buy, just make it at home on economical price. This is batter to make it in small quantity that will finish in 10 days and also place it in fridge. Follow Quick Chicken Spread Recipe by […]Get Recipe
Haleem is a famous and traditional food of Pakistan. A few years back people consider difficult to make it at home difficult, but now this concept is changed. Chef Gulzar Hussain is giving an easy way to make delicious and Special Haleem without any tension.  Special Haleem Recipe Special Haleem Recipe   Prep time 15 […]Get Recipe