Chicken Hareesa

Delightful and healthy Chicken Hareesa. Must try on weekend.

Harissa Chicken


1 chicken breast [cubes]
1 onion
250 g roasted gram
1tbsp ginger,garlic paste
125g yogurt
1tsp garam masala
1tbsp haldi
2tbsp red chili powder
1tbsp zeera
1tbsp coriander powder
fresh coriander
¼ cup oil


Ginger Julian
Fresh coriander


Golden brown onion in oil..add ginger, garlic paste mix, include chicken cook till water dry.
Add all spiced and cook..add yogurt..mix well.
Add daliya mix and add 2 and half glass water for cook.
Include half fresh coriander. On boiling point cover it and cook on slow flame.
Move spoon frequently.
Garnish and serve.

If needed include more water when add daliya.