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Tea and chai is same thing with two different names. In Asian region tea is called chai. There are different methods to make tea according to cultures. Dum chai is a flavorsome delicacy which got its name from the cooking method dum technique. Dum cooking also known as slow cooking. What makes dum ki chai […]Get Recipe
Mint Lemonade Recipe is a fresh twist in summer. Beat the heat with quick drink. It is also perfect for Ramadan. In this recipe all ingredients are blended so that you can enjoy the real taste of mint. For more exciting taste add soda water instead of simple water. I have used less sugar, but […]Get Recipe
Slush is an amazing drink, it cools you inside out. Keep your kids happy in summer season with homemade fruit slush. You can make frozen fruit slush recipe with 7up or Marinda for a really creative drink. Choice of fruits is up to you in slush. I got this recipe from a group and I […]Get Recipe
Hot Dry Fruit Milk Recipe is very filling. You can drink it in breakfast. It also goes great in winter before sleep. Touch of coffee and dry fruits make it super delicious and healthy. You might love these hot beverages as well:  Frothy Coffee Recipe, Hot Caramel Coffee, Ginger Tea and for desi touch check out Hot […]Get Recipe
Caramel Hot Chocolate is a delicious drink and great in winter season. A cup of hot chocolate and walk in foggy night is just amazing.  Homemade Caramel Hot Chocolate is a quick recipe and it will not take more then 2 minutes in preparation. The taste of caramel sauce gives it a superb taste that no […]Get Recipe
Mango is the king of summer fruits. We love to eat mango, drink shake and smoothies. I love to try new recipes and today I made Mango Shake with Ice Cream. Though mango shake is common but adding up ice cream gives it a wonderful taste. Mango Shake with Ice Cream Ingredients Mango chunks 1 […]Get Recipe
Mint is a simple and cheap ingredient, packed with nutritional benefits. Mint helps to sharpen mind, improve digestive process and calm headache. This classic margarita recipe is a refreshing blend of mint, lemon juice, soda water and ice. Sugar is totally optional because 7up or sprite also has sugar content in it. Frost the rim […]Get Recipe