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Enjoy a crispy malai paratha in your breakfast or lunch. This is quite easy Pakistani Food Recipe and you need a few ingredients for preparing it. If you want a paratha for your kid’s lunch box then Roll Paratha is best with a delicious taste. Malai Paratha Recipe   Prep time 45 mins Cook time […]Get Recipe
Pakistani Food Recipes have a collection of delicious recipes according to season. For winter season a yummy Mooli ka Paratha recipe is here for all of you. You can serve it in breakfast and lunch with condiment. For an other variation find one more delicious recipe of chicken roll paratha. You must love it! Mooli […]Get Recipe
In many countries fresh bread in eaten with meal, no matter what type of bread is. Fresh bread gives a delicate aroma. Try this Turkish Bread Recipe and enjoy with your meal. Also Check: Taftan Bread, Pita Bread Homemade Turkish Bread Turkish Bread   Prep time 2 hours Cook time 15 mins Total time 2 hours 15 […]Get Recipe
I know you people know how to make paratha! I am talking here the Paratha we eat in Bundu Khan restaurant. It has its own crispness and perfect taste. I am sharing a copy cat Paratha recipe of Bundu Khan. Get what is the secret of their crispy parathas . You can also make crispy roll […]Get Recipe
If you love to discover new dessert and fancy trying something new and delicious, you’ve come to the right place. A slice of Braided Nutella Bread is a real joy to enjoy at special occasions or weekend treats. So get your friends round and enjoy! Ingredients All purpose flour 2 1/2 cups Yeast 1/2 tsp […]Get Recipe
Kache Qemme kay Parathay (Raw Mince Paratha) is one of my favorite in cold winter days. Mostly people use cooked ground meat to make paratha, but my mother uses raw mince and it tastes much butter then cooked mince. Try this recipe on weekend or at Eid ul Edha to feed your family. Kachay Qeemay […]Get Recipe
Frozen Parathay is one of famous flat bread in all age groups. It gives you benefit when you have short time just take out from freezer and fry. But at the same time these are expensive if we bought from shop. So what if you make them at home because all ingredients are easily available […]Get Recipe