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We cook everyday to eat something; usually we go for regular Pakistani Food Recipes. But at weekend or at some special occasion we look for different appetizing recipes. Chicken is the favorite meal for many people. So this is must to serve yummy chicken recipes in dine. Dragon Chicken Recipe is a Chinese version. A […]Get Recipe
Wondering how to cook Chicken Koftay without breaking? If you are going to cooking Kofta first time, then follow this easy step by step recipe. This Chicken Kofta Recipe will help you achieve perfect result. Pakistani Food Recipe is quite easy to make and a great way to get best flavor of kofta and gravy. […]Get Recipe
Crispy Chicken Roll Paratha Recipe with Mayo Garlic Dip. Roll paratha is delicious version of meal. Coated chicken has a crispy outer layer, whereas tender and juicy from inside. Rolled in flat bread (paratha) and dash of mayo dip gives it a scrumptious taste. Paratha Roll is my favorite meal but if eat it out, […]Get Recipe
If you want to bake your own pizza and looking for some authentic recipe then stop here. This is tried and tested Chicken Tikka Pizza Recipe by Humera Saeed. This recipe will make a soft pizza dough and tangy pizza sauce with appetizing chicken topping. You will find here Chicken Tikka pizza Recipe in Urdu and […]Get Recipe
I love cheese and fond of trying recipes call for cheese. I came by this recipe from a Facebook group where Saira Zia ud Din shared it. Picture is so tempting and I can’t stop myself to try Creamy Chicken Cheese Handi Recipe. You too must try and share your opinion. Also See: Chicken Recipes Creamy Chicken […]Get Recipe
KFC Chizza Recipe is a combination of chicken and pizza. Chicken breast piece is topped with pizza filling. This is an ultimate treat for the taste buds. For this recipe you need to cut chicken into butterfly style. Then marinade, coat and deep fry. At the end top and grill for a few minutes. Also […]Get Recipe
People love a succulent piece of meat with a soft aroma of coal. Chicken tikka is one the tastier meat, we all wants to have in parties and weddings. Marination of chicken in yogurt and spices makes it tongue-tickling flavor. If you want to make it at home you must need a perfect recipe. Get […]Get Recipe