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There are various types of Biryani now with different taste. But, BBQ Chicken Tikka Biryani is one of my favorite biryani recipe that I love to eat. Indeed a marvelous taste! This recipe has a different procedure and that difference creates a lip smacking taste in this chicken biryani recipe. This is perfect recipe for those […]Get Recipe
Tawa Bihari Kabab is a wonderful recipe in Pakistani Food Recipes by Chef Shireen Anwar. If you don’t know how to give it dum of coal then read the trick How to Give Smoky Aroma in Food Delicious Tawa Bihari Kabab Tawa Bihari Kabab   Prep time 2 hours Cook time 45 mins Total time 2 hours […]Get Recipe
When I saw Steam Kabab Recipe in Chef Zakir Program, I observed it would be nice in taste. So the next day I make these kebabs and serve to my family in afternoon tea. Everyone like the taste and appreciated. Steam Kebabs give a very exotic flavor with tamarind sauce. Steam Kabab Recipe How to […]Get Recipe
Eid is just coming and we love to explore new dishes on this special event. We also have meat in quantity then why not try something truly delicious. Find here a passionate recipe of Mutton Leg Roast with Hot and Sour Rice that has very impressive and tempting look when it finalize. A good marination […]Get Recipe