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This is easy to make dinner idea for the whole family. Follow this variation in pulao recipe and spice up your rice with tikka flavor. Tikka Boti Pulao is made with beef in this recipe, you can also made it with lamb, mutton or chicken. If you want to make with chicken then do not […]Get Recipe
Looking for some different dessert? Try Pistachio Nut Cream, this delicate dessert is just perfect. How to Make Pistachio Nut Cream   Prep time 10 mins Cook time 15 mins Total time 25 mins   Author: Chef Shireen Anwar Recipe type: Dessert-Cake-Cookies Serves: 4 Ingredients Milk 2 cups Eggs 2 (separated) Sugar ½ cup All […]Get Recipe
These excellent, quick and tasty kache keeme ke kabab are best when you want to eat something light and healthy. You can fry them in a little oil on tawa or frying pan. These tasty kabab can also use to make beef burger. How to Make Kache Keeme Ke Kabab   Prep time 40 mins […]Get Recipe
Beef bong curry is an aromatic dish that we often eat form out side. Do you know this is very easy to cook with a delicious result? A best recipe by Chef Zakir. I cooked it at night 6-8 hours and serve in breakfast. Slow cooking gives it a tremendous taste. Serve it with naan. […]Get Recipe
These mouthwatering Spicy Chops with Vegetables are just perfect for a satisfying meal. Follow the recipe and make a great dish for your family and guests. You can also try Pan Fry Lamp Chops by Chef Zakir  and if you want to eat chops with chappati then this is the best recipe Handi Achaari Chops Spicy Chops with […]Get Recipe
Made with evaporated milk, cream, condense milk and pineapple jelly; this Pineapple Jelly Ice Cream does not need any ice cream machine instead this is very simple to make. A perfect frozen dessert recipe by our Home Chef Nadia Hassan that you will surly love to eat. Pineapple Jelly Ice Cream Pineapple Jelly Ice Cream […]Get Recipe
This is Handi Chargha recipe by Chef Shireen Anwar and our Home Chef Hira Farooq made it at home. It has a tremendous taste and you can serve it alone or with naan and zeera raita. For other veriation try Mughlai Tandoori Chicken Handi Chargha Recipe Handi Chargha by Chef Shireen Anwar   Prep time 6 hours […]Get Recipe