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Karahi Kebab Masala¬†is one of my favorite dish that I must prepare when we have some special dinner at our home. Every time I got pleasant comments about this dish. You can serve Karahi Kebab Masala with boiled rice, paratha, naan or tandori roti along raita. One of the best Pakistani Food Recipe. Karahi kebab […]Get Recipe
Nargisi Koftay or Stuffed Meatballs got name from the shape of eye, when we cut them in half in lengthwise they look like eyes. Nargisi Koftay are a healthy dish, but it has a delicious taste. You will also love simple version of Koftay Recipe; my favorite. ūüôā Nargisi Koftay (Stuffed Meatballs)   Prep time […]Get Recipe
There are many mince recipes; Bihari Mutton keema has a distinct taste that everyone surely love to eat. You can replace mutton with beef mince. I used hand chopped mutton mince in this recipe for more delicate taste. Follow this simple and easy recipe. For other Pakistani Food Recipes check out¬†fried keema recipe . Bihari […]Get Recipe
Chicken Shami Kabab and Beef Shami Kabab are two popular and hearty side dishes. This is a little different shami kebab recipe, in which meat is used¬†instead to use mince. The taste of shredded meat is off course delicious and it gives a twist to tongue. Prepare Shahi Malai Shami Kebab and enjoy with your […]Get Recipe
In Pakistani recipes kebab are very popular and consider in¬†quick supper ideas. Malai Seekh Kabab is a¬†perfect blend of simple spices with cream that ¬†melts in mouth. Serve these delicious kabab to your guests at special occasion like Eid or parties. If you want some other Pakistani Food Recipes for Kebab then look¬†Reshmi Kabab¬†Beef Bihari […]Get Recipe
We eat kabab with ketchup or some other favorite dip. But in this recipe chef is serve kabab in a different way. She served by pouring spiced yogurt on top and the kabab tastes great. Must try this kebab meat recipe for a tasty change. Dahi kabab   Prep time 25 mins Cook time 40 […]Get Recipe
Ground meat or mince is delicious to eat and healthy as well. Moreover, smokey aroma creates a sensational taste in mince. Try out this really yumlious recipe of dum ka keema (Steam Ground Meat) and enjoy a nice meal with your family. Try another exciting mince dish. You will also like Chicken tawa mince recipe, […]Get Recipe