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Kid’s meals are the hardest to cook, aren’t they? To put you out of your misery, Honey Chilli Potatoes Recipe is here. This minimalist recipe has basic pantry ingredients that are glazed to perfection. With just the right amount of spices and nutrients, this recipe is a go-to lunch favorite. Also Try Other Vegetarian Recipes […]Get Recipe
Chicken Roll Paratha is one of growing street food in Pakistan, combination of spicy chicken, tangy salad and chutney makes it scrumptious. There are different kinds of paratha available and this is a simple form of Roll paratha. If you are a cheese lover you can add cheese in filling. Chicken Roll Paratha Recipe Chicken […]Get Recipe
Chocolate is favorite to all and when it comes to chocolate ice cream then no compromise. In this recipe we are going to share Basic Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Recipe. First bake the cake then layer it with chocolate ice cream and chocolate chip. If you want simple ice cream cake then omit cocoa powder […]Get Recipe
An easy Tiramisu Trifle Recipe with no egg. Layers of ladyfingers biscuits, ganache and tiramisu cream make this dessert so presentable. Your friends and family will love the tiramisu recipe. Also Check: Dessert Recipes Tiramisu Trifle Recipe   Prep time 25 mins Cook time 5 mins Total time 30 mins   Author: Rukhsana Abdullah‎ Serves: 6 Ingredients […]Get Recipe
May be many of you wonder by reading this name – Chane, Anda, Kabab Masala is a famous street food in Lahore. It is known with different names, but where you go to eat it, you must wait in que. Actually it is a unique combination of mince kebab, chickpea and eggs. It is cooked […]Get Recipe
Mandi is a popular rice and meat dish in Yemen and Arab. It’s scrumptious taste makes it famous in other countries as well. Mandi can be made with chicken or mutton. Here we are going to share Arabian Style Chicken Mandi Recipe. In this recipe, chicken and rice are cooked separately. Chicken is served on […]Get Recipe
This Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza is seriously one of those recipes you’ll make and fall in love with it. Add something new in your tea trolley and kid’s birthday party. This recipe comes to me from a friend and I can’t wait to prepare it. Seriously, what’s not to love about this cookie pizza! Related […]Get Recipe