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I ate paper chicken in restaurant and liked much. Later on I tried to search recipe on Internet but failed. Then I thought why not to try myself so I used spices in chicken cubes and wrap in butter paper. I was amazed my experiment got successful. In this recipe marinade for chicken at least […]Get Recipe
Cream chaat goes great when to eat ūüėÄ This is one of best healthy and tasty dessert in Ramadan. You can make cream chaat with fresh fruits or with fruit cocktail. Easy Cream Chaat Recipe Ingredients Apple 2 medium (peeled) Banana 4 Peach 2 (peeled) Mango 1 medium Grapes 1 cup Pineapple chunks 1 cup […]Get Recipe
Roasting a chicken is no more difficult now and everyone love a roast chicken. Getting great-tasting Chicken Roast at¬†home without oven is easier than ever. In this recipe simple ingredients are used to get a delicious taste. I will must say this is among best chicken recipes! I made this chicken roast in cooking pan; […]Get Recipe
Keema Samosa (Mince Samosa) with crispy layer is always great to eat. In this recipe beef mince is used to fill the samosa. Related Recipe: Chicken Samosa, Homemade¬†Vegetable Samosa ¬†¬† Keema Samosa (Mince Samosa) Keema Samosa (Mince Samosa)   Prep time 20 mins Cook time 40 mins Total time 1 hour   Author: Admin Cuisine: […]Get Recipe
Chicken Samosa has its own delicious taste that differ it from other filling. In this Ramadan try out Homemade Chicken Samosa and give your family and guests a nice taste. Serve it with delicious condiment. I used chicken with bones, but you can also use boneless chicken for this samosa recipe. Related Recipe: Keema Samosa,Mix […]Get Recipe
We mostly brought Potato Samosa from bazaar even we can make it more delicious and perfect at home. You need right filling recipe¬† for making a crispy samosa. Get a¬†Potato Samosa recipe here with a fabulous taste. Potato Samosa Recipe Ingredients Potatoes 300 gm (boiled) Onion 1 medium (chopped) Green chilies 4 (chopped) Fresh coriander […]Get Recipe
Sweet and Sour Dumplings in Yogurt are delectable to eat. In the holy month of Ramadan we prefer to make in Iftar time. Follow this easy recipe and enjoy the homemade taste of Sweet and Sour Dumplings in Yogurt. Sweet and Sour Dumplings Sweet and Sour Dumplings in Yogurt   Prep time 40 mins Cook […]Get Recipe