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Rainbow rice are a delicious combination of meat, green dip and chili garlic. You can serve these rice in a party as well. Assemble them in a large bowl and present them in shape of a cake. Each layer of rice give a twist to tongue. Ingredients For Masala Chicken mince ½ kg Onion 1 […]Get Recipe
  Yakhni Wala Pulao is a yummy dinner idea and one of delicate dish that I love to eat any time 😀 no matter this is made of chicken or mutton. Especially I like the taste of my mother’s hand, she makes it so delicious. I am sharing, my mother’s Mutton Pulao recipe, try it […]Get Recipe
Zarda is traditional sweet rice that often serves in weddings in place of dessert. Cooking perfect zerda is tricky because usually rice gets hard. This is one of easy recipe with right amount of ingredients, carefully follow it and prepare delicious zarda for your family. Ingredients Saila rice 3 cups (soaked) Cloves 4 (divided) Cardamoms 6-8 […]Get Recipe
Chickpeas Pulao also known as Chana Pulao and Kabuli Chana Chawal. This is a simple rice dish and very famous in Pakistan. Many people use boiled chickepeas in it, but I fried onion first then add chickpeas to cook. If you want to add boiled chickpeas then you can in step 4 but don’t add […]Get Recipe
Need inspiration in rice for your family dinner? Here is a mouthwatering combination of two recipes, Pulao and Biryani; when two delicious recipes combined into one you can imagine how tasty it can! Pulao Biryani is a finger licking dish for all foodies. Pulao Biryani   Prep time 10 mins Cook time 40 mins Total […]Get Recipe
Chicken and Rice Casserole is a famous American cuisine. This recipe is made with combination of chicken, noodles, ketchup and cheese. A perfect recipe for cheese and noodles lover. Ingredients Rice 2 cups (soaked) Chicken ½ kg (bite sized) Onion 1 medium Spring onions 2 Carrots 2 Salt to taste (divided) Black pepper powder 1-1/2 […]Get Recipe
Chicken Fried Rice is a wonderful and tasty combination of vegetables, chicken and egg. This Chinese Rice Recipe has a different taste because I boiled rice in chicken stock rather to boil in plain water. Boiling in chicken stock gives rice a scrumptious taste. Must try one of best recipe of Chicken Fried Rice and […]Get Recipe