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  First time I had eaten Italian Chicken Sandwich at Pizza Hut, the taste was delicious, but that was not spicy. I baked it according to my taste and amazingly there was no problem to bake a soft sandwich. So simple and easy, I used chicken, capsicum, onion and pizza sauce in filling. This is perfect […]Get Recipe
Sometimes a very simple recipe gets hit more then the imagination. Same is with Fried Egg Sandwich Recipe, I saw picture in a Facebook group then tried it and made a video. Yesterday, I uploaded video on my Facebook Page and unexpectedly it has gone viral 😀 In this simple sandwich recipe there are no specific ingredients […]Get Recipe
Club Sandwich is a really yummy sandwich filled with chicken, salad, and omelette. Tandoori Masala is used in it for tantalizing chicken taste. Though it is little big in size yet this is in easy sandwiches. I share this recipe with my cousin and she said these are must made sandwiches once a week for […]Get Recipe
If you have never thought of using coleslaw salad in sandwiches, here’s a satisfying recipe of Chicken Coleslaw Sandwich to try. This recipe combines two recipes; one coleslaw recipe and other sandwich recipe. Get the recipe in English and Urdu. Chicken Coleslaw Sandwich Chicken Coleslaw Sandwich   Author: Admin Ingredients Bread slices 8-10 Chicken breast 1 Get Recipe
Sandwich cake is one of the best savory cake to serve at any special occasion. Once I suggested this cake to my niece in her school competition and she got 3rd prize. Here I am sharing my friends recipe with step by step pictures so everyone can make it easily. This recipe calls for four […]Get Recipe
Donut Sandwich   Prep time 3 hours Cook time 15 mins Total time 3 hours 15 mins   Donuts Sandwich is a different type of recipe and it is baked then chicken filling and sauce is assembled in it. For more exciting taste add cheese in it. 😀 Author: Chef Gulzar Hussain Recipe type: Snack […]Get Recipe
For a tasty twist to the traditional chicken sandwich, try out this Chicken Tikka Sandwich. These are perfect for Ramdan, lunchbox, picnic and mid time snack. Also Check French Chicken Sandwich, Club Sandwich Chicken Tikka Sandwich Recipe Chicken Tikka Sandwich   Prep time 15 mins Cook time 20 mins Total time 35 mins   Author: […]Get Recipe