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If you are looking a really delicious dessert in quick time. Use Oreo cookies and caramel custard to make a sweet treat and serve in shot glasses. Oreo Caramel Delight is a fun twist recipe on traditional custard we make with cake. See Also: How to Make Milk Powder Gulab Jamun Oreo Caramel Delight Recipe […]Get Recipe
This is a very interesting dessert. My mother in law made this and showed me. It’s quite popular in Syria and Lebanon. Qudraat Qadir(by Gods will) describes a dessert where creme caramel and cake batter are combined and “by Gods will” separate in the oven. A tempting dessert by Sabine Agha. Check this video for better […]Get Recipe
Chapli Kabab or Chapl Kabab are one of famous kabab in Pakistan especially in Peshawar.  The scrumptious kebab is made with beef mince and blend of crushed spices and fried eggs. The key ingredient of the recipe is pomegranate seeds that creates a divine taste. No other kabab has comparison with Chapli Kabab Recipe in […]Get Recipe
Liver (kaleji) is absolutely loaded with the key nutrients that help keep our brains healthy. Beef liver offers significant amounts of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fat. The super food is rich in iron and consider best for the people who have deficiency of blood. This is best to prepare the kaleji (liver) same day you buy it. […]Get Recipe
Here is the best Homemade Chocolate Cake recipe. Chocolate is a divine treat for kids and adults. We love to eat chocolate in shake, ice cream, smoothie, cake, pudding and in other recipes. Chocolate has many health benefits like dark chocolate is strong source of antioxidant, it helps to lower down the blood pressure. In […]Get Recipe
Enjoy the pure bliss of Hyderabadi Dum Biryani by following this recipe. You need to marinade the chicken for a delicious taste. The rice are boiled then layers are done by following chicken, rice and vegetables. Colorful biryani has a marvelous taste. Serve it with raita. For more delicious recipes check Best Biryani Recipes Special […]Get Recipe
This Lahori Karahi recipe has a tremendous taste and aroma that will increase your hunger. Though the recipe is quite easy with simple ingredients yet addition of spices in different steps enhances the taste. I will must say to try this recipe for a mouthwatering flavor. You will find the following Chicken Karahi Recipe among the […]Get Recipe