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Beef Bihari Kabab is a mouthwatering BBQ dish. Marinated beef with spices and cooked on charcoal gives an ultimate taste to tongue. This is a warming dish for out door cooking and BBQ night. This recipe calls for undercut part of beef, but you can use any other boneless cut as well. Just marinade it […]Get Recipe
BBQ is staple for Eid and other parties. Let follow this recipe by Chef Zakir and enjoy a mouthwatering recipe of Seekh Boti with your family. How to Make Seekh Boti How to Make Seekh Boti   Prep time 6 hours Cook time 1 hour Total time 7 hours   Author: Admin Serves: 5 Ingredients […]Get Recipe
Easy and delicious Tandoori Kabab! A must tried recipe at week end or special dinner. Mouthwatering kabab with a little dry masala gives delicious taste and it will make everyone happy. Tandoori Kabab Tandoori Kabab by Shireen Anwar   Prep time 30 mins Cook time 20 mins Total time 50 mins   Author: Chef Shireen […]Get Recipe
A wonderful cheesy recipe with a mild sauce. You need just 5 ingredients to prepare this Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken. A perfect dish to serve in dine. Also See Other Chicken Recipes Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken   Prep time 10 mins Cook time 15 mins Total time 25 mins   Author: Admin […]Get Recipe
Grilled Chicken with Peri Peri Sauce Grilled Chicken with Peri Peri Sauce   Prep time 2 hours Cook time 30 mins Total time 2 hours 30 mins   Author: Admin Serves: 4 Ingredients Chicken (cut in to 4 pieces) 1 kg Soya sauce 2 tbsp Black pepper ¾ tsp Garlic paste 2 tsp Worcester sauce […]Get Recipe
Afghan Food has its own distinct taste and this Afghani Boti belongs from popular Afghan dishes. How to Make Afghani Boti Afghani Boti   Prep time 4 hours Cook time 50 mins Total time 4 hours 50 mins   Author: Chef Shireen Anwar Cuisine: Pakistani Serves: 4 Ingredients Mutton (boneless) ½ kg Fat 250 gm Crushed […]Get Recipe
If you don’t like liver then learn how to cook liver by this recipe and I am sure in this way you will must like delicious taste of grilled kaleji. Enjoy a delicate taste among liver recipes at the first day of Eid ul Edha. Easy Grilled Liver Recipe Grilled Kaleji (Grilled Liver)   Prep time […]Get Recipe