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We all hate when we go to pain the nail and come to know Nail Polish Bottle cap is stuck. Ufff simply irritating! So how to unstuck nails polish bottle cap? Here is the simple and easy trick to open it. How to Open Stuck Nail Polish Things you Need Hot water 1 cup/mug Instructions […]Get Recipe
Garlic is one of the main ingredient in cooking so for a good taste of the dish and for the seek of our health, this is advised to use it fresh. In this article we are going to discuss two Smart Strategies to Peel Garlic Cloves. Hope you will find them helpful in your kitchen […]Get Recipe
Some times we get lemons in quantity and this seems quite difficult to store them. So this is an easy trick to freeze lemon juice and you can use lemon juice when you want. Tip to Freeze Lemon Juice If you have lemon in quantity then squeeze out lemon juice and pour in ice cubes […]Get Recipe
How to Make Chicken Cube Mila Maida – English and Urdu Recipe Zubaida Tariq’s often recipes call for Chicken Cube Mila Maida and mostly people do not know how to make it and is this available in the market In one of her program Zubaida Tariq told how to make it at home. For this […]Get Recipe
  Bread crumbs are essential for many fried recipes. Do you know you can easily make bread crumbs at home? Read how to make bread crumbs at home. How to Make Bread Crumbs in Microwave Put bread slices in microwave and run it for 1-2 minutes. Let keep bread slices in microwave for 10 minutes or […]Get Recipe
Bugs and insects are a big problem in lentils and grains especially in raining season. This is a simple trick that you can follow to avoid lentils from insects and bugs and keep clean lentils. How Avoid Lentils from Insects and Bugs Keep lentils/splits in a jar and drop a few drops pf oil and […]Get Recipe
When we fry potato cutlets often bread crumbs separates and spread in frying pan. Here are three tricks those will help you to Keep Bread Crumbs on Potato Cutlets. Tricks to Keep Bread Crumbs on Potato Cutlets Solution for this problem is, when you make potato cutlets before frying keep them in refrigerate for 30 minutes. […]Get Recipe