Homemade Tikka Masala Powder (BBQ Spice Powder)

Tikka Masala Spices

BBQ is very common in houses. In this post Chef Tahira Mateen is telling us how a Tikka Masala Spices (BBQ Spice Mix) should really be done at home for getting a wonderful and fresh taste of BBQ meal.

Tikka Masala Powder Recipe

Homemade Tikka Masala Spices (BBQ Spice Powder)
Author: Chef Tahira Mateen
Prep time:
Total time:
  • Cumin seeds 6 tbsp (roasted and ground)
  • Fennel seeds 4 tbsp (roasted and ground)
  • Ginger powder 4 tbsp
  • Black pepper 2 tbsp (ground)
  • Black cardamom 2 tbsp (ground)
  • Clove powder 2 tbsp
  • Cinnamon powder 2 tbsp
  • Small cardamom 2 tbsp (ground)
  • Mace powder 2 tbsp
  • Nutmeg 1 piece (ground)
  1. Mix all ingredients in bowl and mix nicely.
  2. Transfer into an air tight jar.

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