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Get into festive touch and impress your guests with cold coffee. This cold beverage will appeal to those who love coffee. Rich and creamy coffee is perfect for hot days. Here we are sharing Cold Coffee Recipe in Urdu on users demand. Cold Coffee Recipe in Urdu کو لڈ کا فی اجزاء دودھ ایک گلاس چینی […]Get Recipe
Maghaz Fry or brain masala is one of famous recipe in the world. Where ever you go, you will definitely find brain masala and biryani in Pakistani and Indian restaurants. Brain Masala is one of my heart favorite dish that I must order when dine out. This recipe of Brain Masala is my inspired version from […]Get Recipe
People love a succulent piece of meat with a soft aroma of coal. Chicken tikka is one the tastier meat, we all wants to have in parties and weddings. Marination of chicken in yogurt and spices makes it tongue-tickling flavor. If you want to make it at home you must need a perfect recipe. Get […]Get Recipe
Harissa is belong to Kashmiri cuisine that is made during winter season. It is a delicious combination of meat, rice, green lentil, and wheat. Harissa is very similar to haleem, but it has its own distinct taste that is different to haleem. Tempering with desi ghee and addition of lemon juice make it even more scrumptious. […]Get Recipe
Chapli Kabab or Chapl Kabab are one of famous kabab in Pakistan especially in Peshawar.  The scrumptious kebab is made with beef mince and blend of crushed spices and fried eggs. The key ingredient of the recipe is pomegranate seeds that creates a divine taste. No other kabab has comparison with Chapli Kabab Recipe in […]Get Recipe
There are many famous desserts in Pakistani Food Recipes that has tremendous taste. Gulab Jamun is one of them. Milk powder and sugar syrup are two main things in Gulab Jamun Recipe. First, you need to prepare a dough, make small balls out of dough and fry them. After that put those fired balls into […]Get Recipe
Chocolate Banoffee Toffee is an easy and simple recipe that is made with biscuits, banana and caramel sauce is added for a different taste and at the end coated with melted chocolate. Remember to use milk chocolate for coating. This is great for kid’s party, you can also insert a tooth pick or lollipop stick […]Get Recipe