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Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, there are a few essential items that you will need in your kitchen. Pots, pans, and of course, knives. Utility knives, paring knives, chef’s knives and carving knives can all be essential tools in the kitchen as well as a whole range of other knives. A […]Get Recipe
Ramadan is a holy month for the whole Muslims. This month is spring of good deeds, which is welcomed with full faith, respect and love. Women who are domestic or related to any work. She wants to spend time in worship. But, at the same time they are also conscious to prepare a delicious Iftar. So. everyone can […]Get Recipe
Sweet, colorful and synonymous with summertime, lemonade is a blend of lemon juice, sugar, water and a fruit. Refreshing lemonade is perfect in summer days especially when they’re homemade. We have 5 best lemonade recipes at one place. The taste buds will enjoy the taste of freshness. Now the Holy Month of Ramadan is also […]Get Recipe
Who could ever think that Air can replace Oil? Well, with the it is a great and healthy option! With this appliance it is possible frying all your favorite foods by using just one tablespoon of oil and less. Its patented and unique starfish design allows hot air flowing around the whole unit, which ensures […]Get Recipe
Cumin is a popular spice and uses in Asian and Latin American dishes. It creates a delicate aroma in food. It is also superb for health. Cumin is great to detox your body naturally and burn fats. My purpose for writing this article is basically to share how I lose 5 kg weight in a […]Get Recipe
  Easy Cake Recipes for Beginners Cake plays an important role in every celebration; these are one of the foremost items which we serve. The word cake brings an image of celebration in mind. Birthdays, wedding days, wedding anniversaries, Eid, religious festivals and New Year is incomplete without cake. You can buy a cake from […]Get Recipe
Pomegranate Juice Health Benefits Pomegranate is packed with health benefits. For many millennia, pomegranate was used in the East for medicinal purposes. Pomegranate juice contains many healthy substances like Gallic acids, antioxidants such as ellagic and anthocyanin acids & flavonoids such as quercetin. These substances protect the body against many diseases, whilst Get Recipe