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Bitter Gourd or Karela is a popular tropical vegetable that is full of health benefits. But many people dislike it due to its bitter taste.  We are going to share very easy tip How Remove Bitterness of Bitter Gourd. Follow this tip and get maximum benefits of the vegetable. Tip to Remove Bitterness of Bitter Gourd Thinly […]Get Recipe
Liver (Kaleji has a particular strong smell which makes it difficult to eat. Here are two Tips for Removing Smell of Kaleji (Liver). 2 Tips for Removing Smell of Kaleji (Liver) Liver has a particular smell that is necessary to remove. An easy trick is to dust wheat flour on liver and leave it for 30 […]Get Recipe
How to Get Rid of Fishy Smell in Fish Before Cooking Fish is an essential food source that is high in nutritional values. No matter how fresh the fish is, it has a particular fishy odor that you want to remove before cooking. These are some authentic tips to get rid of fishy smell and get […]Get Recipe
Easy Method to Butterfly a Chicken Breast There are many recipes that calls for Butterfly Chicken. Check out step by step instructions to Butterfly a Chicken Breast and make yummy KFC Chizza at home. Slice the chicken breast horizontally with help of knife. Open with knife Pound with a hammer Butterfly style chicken is ready to use.Get Recipe
Eid ul Edha is a holy festive of Muslims, on which sacrifice of animals are done. The meat is distributed among needy people and relatives. This Eid is also called meaty Eid because meaty dishes are cooked on these days. People often complain that sacrifice animal’s meat give a particular smell. So, how Remove Particular […]Get Recipe
  Rasmalai is one of popular dessert that is made with dry milk and fresh milk. The procedure of Rasmalai is consisted on two steps. In first step balls are prepared with dry milk mixture and this is the crucial part. Because when they put in step two boiling milk, they break. So what is the […]Get Recipe
  Q- Whenever I make pakora (fritters) they get soggy. How make pakora crispy? Cooking Expert- Mix all ingredients of pakora (fritters) in a bowl except water and leave it for 15-20 minutes. After short time onion and potato will release juices. Now if it requires additional water then add water and make normal consistency […]Get Recipe