Home Remedy for Hand Burn

How Treat Hand Burns while Cooking

Sometimes while cooking hand burn due to steam or hot oil dropping that is very painful and it also makes blister and leaves a spot on skin. I often suffer this problem especially my no baking is complete without touching hand to hot oven.  How much painful this is I know very well. 🙁

Previous days I was making caramel sauce, I touched the sauce with finger tip as I though it would be little bit cool now but horrible, it was too much hot, I quickly took out the solution from fridge that I made a few days back and applied it on affected part and thanks I felt relief from pain. I got this remedy for a magazine and now sharing with you.

How to Treat Hand Burn


  • Honey ½ cup
  • Turmeric 1 tsp
  • Ghee 1 tsp


  1. Mix together all and keep in a bottle and place in fridge.
  2. When hand burn apply it immediately. It will not only give relief from pain but also avoid from blister and leaving any burn spot.


If the hand burns with oil and leave a dark spot. Apply glycerin on spot daily. Regular use will eliminate the dark spot.

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