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Karahi gosht is a popular Pakistani Food Recipe. Karahi gosht that is available in bazaar has its won unique taste, now you can get a similar taste at home by adding this homemade karahi masala powder. 2 tbsp of masala is enough for 1 kg meat but you can adjust it according to your taste. […]Get Recipe
Kentucky fried chicken or KFC is one the world popular fried chicken. Now make this crispy chicken at home with the homemade seasoning. Use chicken with skin, dip chicken piece in egg then coat in seasoning and deep fry on medium slow heat until done. KFC Chicken Seasoning KFC Chicken Seasoning Mix   Cuisine: World […]Get Recipe
Garam masala is a staple spice in Pakistani Food Recipes. Many people do not know what is garam masala spice is made of? Now no need to get tense about where to buy garam masala! This is our family secret garam masala powder recipe that is consisted on simple spices. Homemade Garam Masala Powder What […]Get Recipe
Learn easy way to make Arabic Seven Spice Mix to spice up your dish. This combination of spice also called Baharat and it uses in Middle Eastern dishes. Homemade Arabic Seven Spice Mix Arabic Seven Spice Mix   Prep time 2 mins Total time 2 mins   Author: Admin Recipe type: Masala/Seasoning Cuisine: Middle Eastern […]Get Recipe
Bihari Masala Powder English Recipe Bihari Masala is a popular curry spice uses in Pakistani recipes and Indian recipes, it gives a mouthwatering taste to a dish. I used many times this masala powder. Try it and make your own Bihari Masala Powder and spice up your dish. Bihari Masala Powder - English and Urdu […]Get Recipe
Roghan Josh Masala Now make Roghan Josh Masala  at home and give a delightful flavor to your curry. Ingredients Whole red chili 50 g Whole kashmiri mirch 50 g Green cardamom 10 Black cardamom seeds 1 tbsp Bay leaves 10 Cloves 10 Cinnamon sticks 4 Nutmeg (jaiphal) 1 pc Whole coriander 6 tbsp Funnel seeds […]Get Recipe
Spice up your fish with homemade fish masala and get an everlasting taste. Homemade Fish Masala – Recipe in English and Urdu Ingredients Dry whole red chili 50g White cumin 1 tbsp Black cumin 1 tbsp Turmeric 1 tbsp Carom seeds (ajwaen) Fenugreek seeds 1/2 tsp Small cardamom 1/2 tsp Yellow food color 1/2 tsp […]Get Recipe