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The weekend calls for special menu so made these Spicy Grilled Chicken Strips Recipe by using a grill pan. Grilling naturally lets you eat less oil. As you cook, the extra fat drips down into the grooves. I made these strips in a desi style and use karahi masala. I usually make karahi masala in […]Get Recipe
Looking for a recipe that has heaps of nutritional value without tasting bland? The look no further because this Vegetable sizzler recipe is going to knock your socks off. From presentation to the taste and nutritional value, this dish is going to be every mother’s new favorite. Check Other Chef Rida Recipes Vegetable Sizzler Recipe by […]Get Recipe
Tea and chai is same thing with two different names. In Asian region tea is called chai. There are different methods to make tea according to cultures. Dum chai is a flavorsome delicacy which got its name from the cooking method dum technique. Dum cooking also known as slow cooking. What makes dum ki chai […]Get Recipe
Kids meals are the fussiest to make and think through because of kids these days being very particular and choosy about the food they eat. To put you out of your misery here is a culinary solution. These Cheesy potato pancakes will woo your children’s taste buds. Cheesy Potato Pancake Cheesy potato pancake   Author: […]Get Recipe
Winters and boiled eggs come hand in hand. From the flavor to the nutritional value eggs are a complete food. But eating plain boiled egg gets very boring and you sure need the oomph factor. Look no further and try this Boiled Egg Katakat. Jam-packed with traditional flavors and spices, this dish will tingle your taste […]Get Recipe
Who doesn’t love a proper desi chicken boti? This chicken boti recipe includes simple ingredients that anyone can easily find in their kitchen without having to spend a lot of money and the taste is to die for. Also See: Chef Rida Recipes Pakistani Chicken Boti Recipe by Chef Rida Chicken boti   Author: Chef […]Get Recipe
Noodles are the new children fave for the past few years. From their instant preparation to delish taste, it has taken its place in the list of comfort foods in Eastern cuisine as well. To make the experience more indulgent, try making these Spicy Chicken Fajita Noodles. It will not only satisfy your craving for […]Get Recipe