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Haleem is a traditional Pakistani dish made with four lentils, cracked wheat and meat. It can be made with chicken, beef or mutton meat; but the real haleem is made with beef. Beef haleem is deliciously served with crispy fried onion, Julian ginger, green chilies, lemon wedges and chaat masala. You can also use homemade […]Get Recipe
Liver (kaleji) is absolutely loaded with the key nutrients that help keep our brains healthy. Beef liver offers significant amounts of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fat. The super food is rich in iron and consider best for the people who have deficiency of blood. This is best to prepare the kaleji (liver) same day you buy it. […]Get Recipe
Namkeen Gosht (salted meat) belongs to KPK and Peshawri Namkeen Gosht is famous due to its unique taste. The interesting thing is, it gets the ultimate delicious taste with a few ingredients. I read many and tried some of namkeen gosht recipes, but the following recipe I liked the most in taste. I got the […]Get Recipe
Beef bong curry is an aromatic dish that we often eat form out side. Do you know this is very easy to cook with a delicious result? A best recipe by Chef Zakir. I cooked it at night 6-8 hours and serve in breakfast. Slow cooking gives it a tremendous taste. Serve it with naan. […]Get Recipe
Beef Bihari Kabab is a mouthwatering BBQ dish. Marinated beef with spices and cooked on charcoal gives an ultimate taste to tongue. This is a warming dish for out door cooking and BBQ night. This recipe calls for undercut part of beef, but you can use any other boneless cut as well. Just marinade it […]Get Recipe
BBQ is staple for Eid and other parties. Let follow this recipe by Chef Zakir and enjoy a mouthwatering recipe of Seekh Boti with your family. How to Make Seekh Boti How to Make Seekh Boti   Prep time 6 hours Cook time 1 hour Total time 7 hours   Author: Admin Serves: 5 Ingredients […]Get Recipe
Beef Spaghetti is a different recipe then the typical recipes with meat balls. This recipe calls for strips beef and cream is also added in it. Follow the recipe and make super tasted Spaghetti dish. Also See: Chef Zakir Recipes in English Beef Spaghetti by Chef Zakir Beef Spaghetti   Prep time 10 mins Cook […]Get Recipe