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Winters are here and it means Fish season is back. This delicious Lahori Tawa Machli will tingle your taste buds because it is jam-packed with spices and flavours which will get you many compliments. Related Post: Easy Chef Mehboob Recipes Lahori Tawa Fried Fish Lahori tawa machli   Author: Chef Mehboob Ingredients Fish Boneless ½ kg […]Get Recipe
Fish is the healthiest protein on the earth. Thanks to Omega-3s in fish that reduces heart disease, risk of strokes and contribute to brain health. There are many ways in which you can cook the fish. You can fry, grill, bake and steam the fish. You can also make curry, kabab or many other things with […]Get Recipe
Fish is rich in protein and low in fats. It is loaded with health benefits. Fish is a super food for all ages people. There are so many fish recipes that you can add in your daily diet. This is an easy Fish Chilli Dry Recipe. You need only fish, onion, green chilies and seasoning […]Get Recipe
This is by no means the authentic recipe for Fish N Chips but it is very tasty and easy to make. Marinaded pretty much within minutes and shallow fried until crispy, golden and flaky from the inside. Paired with a coleslaw, tartar sauce and Tajin fries! Fish Broast, Fish Fingers and Spicy Fish Cubes are also delicious fish recipes. If […]Get Recipe
Himalaya Maach is a famous Sri Lankan dish in which marinade fish is fried then added in prepared masala. It has so much amazing taste that you never want to stop eating. Check other fish recipes: Finger Fish, Fish Chili Himalaya Maach Recipe Himalaya Maach   Prep time 2 hours Cook time 40 mins Total […]Get Recipe
Kababs are good to go at any special occasion. We mostly make make kabab with chicken or beef, but this is time to try with fish. Thai Fish kabab has delicious taste and they go amazing with tarter sauce or chili garlic sauce. Also check out other fish recipes in blog. Classic Finger Fish, Easy […]Get Recipe
Tawa Machli is one of twist in fish recipes, cooking on tawa develops a unique taste in it. You can serve this dish to your guests very proudly. Also try Fingers Fish, Fish Chili Dry Delicious Tawa Machli Recipe Tawa Machli   Prep time 25 mins Cook time 25 mins Total time 50 mins   […]Get Recipe