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For the days when you are feeling little fancy and want to treat your family with a western cuisine, this Oven Denver Omelette recipe will knock their heart. With simplistic ingredients, great nutritional value and low cooking time, this recipe will be the star of your breakfast feast. Related Post: Delicious Sunny Side Up Eggs  […]Get Recipe
A good salad completes the dinner feast! This delectable Russian Salad recipe is going to make everyone a fan of your culinary skills and it takes next to no effort to make this dish. Be it a cheat day or a get together, this Russian Salad is a perfect choice. Must try the simple version […]Get Recipe
Treat yourself and family with tangy plum whiz. You just need plum puree, orange juice, sugar and mint leaves for a refreshing touch. You can serve this perfect summer beverage as welcome drink. Plum Whiz Recipe by Chef Shireen Anwar Plum Whiz Recipe by Chef Shireen Anwar   Prep time 2 mins Total time 2 […]Get Recipe
If you like strawberries then you must love Strawberry Frappe that is the combination of milk, ice cream, strawberries and strawberry syrup. First time I sipped this fabulous drink at Bahrain International Airport, Starbucks store and I become fond of it. When I came back, I spend quite busy time in meeting with friends and […]Get Recipe
Chicken Korma is a popular chicken dish in Pakistan that must serves at special occasions and weddings. Chef Shireen Anwar shared her Chicken Korma Recipe to create a mouthwatering dish. You can serve it with boiled/brown rice, naan and roti. This Pakistani chicken korma recipe does not call for many ingredients. You need to use only […]Get Recipe
  This Lahori Karahi Chicken Recipe has a tremendous taste and aroma that will increase your hunger. Though the recipe is quite easy with simple ingredients yet addition of spices in different steps enhances the taste. I will must say to try this recipe for a mouthwatering flavor. You will find the following Chicken Karahi Recipe […]Get Recipe
Fish is an important source of omega-3 fatty acids and also rich in protein and vitamin D. This is a scrumptious simply fried fish recipe of Fish Anarkali by Chef Shireen Anwar. Common ingredients salt, red chili powder, lemon juice and yogurt is used for merination. Today I made this recipe with a little change […]Get Recipe